Class AbstractOutputProcessorMetaData

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractOutputProcessorMetaData

        protected AbstractOutputProcessorMetaData()
      • AbstractOutputProcessorMetaData

        protected AbstractOutputProcessorMetaData​(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.fonts.registry.FontStorage fontStorage)
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public void initialize​(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.base.config.Configuration configuration)
        Specified by:
        initialize in interface OutputProcessorMetaData
      • setFamilyMapping

        protected void setFamilyMapping​(String family,
                                        String name)
      • getFontRegistry

        protected org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.fonts.registry.FontRegistry getFontRegistry()
      • getFontStorage

        protected org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.fonts.registry.FontStorage getFontStorage()
      • getFontMetrics

        public org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.fonts.registry.FontMetrics getFontMetrics​(String fontFamily,
                                                                                         double fontSize,
                                                                                         boolean bold,
                                                                                         boolean italics,
                                                                                         String encoding,
                                                                                         boolean embedded,
                                                                                         boolean antiAliasing)
                                                                                  throws IllegalArgumentException
        Computes the font-metrics using the given properties.

        This method is a implementation detail. Use it in an output target, but be aware that it may change between releases.

        fontFamily - the font family.
        fontSize - the font size.
        bold - a flag indicating whether the font should be displayed in bold.
        italics - a flag indicating whether the font should be displayed in italics.
        encoding - a valid font encoding, can be null to use the default.
        embedded - a flag indicating whether the font is intended for embedded use.
        antiAliasing - a flag indicating whether the font should be rendered in aliased mode.
        the font metrics, never null.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the font family was invalid and no default family could be located.
      • getAutoCorrectFontMetrics

        protected boolean getAutoCorrectFontMetrics()
      • getFontMetrics

        public org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.fonts.registry.FontMetrics getFontMetrics​(StyleSheet styleSheet)
                                                                                  throws IllegalArgumentException
        Returns the font metrics for the font specified in the style sheet.

        NOTE: This method will throw an IllegalArgumentException if the specified font family can not be found and the default font family can not be found

        Specified by:
        getFontMetrics in interface OutputProcessorMetaData
        styleSheet - ths style sheet from which the font information will be extracted
        FontMetrics for the specified font. If the font family can not be found, the FontMetrics for the default font family will be returned
        IllegalArgumentException - indicated the font metrics could not be determined (this is thrown since methods depending upon this method can not handle a null return).
      • isExtraContentElement

        public boolean isExtraContentElement​(StyleSheet style,
                                             ReportAttributeMap attributes)
        Checks whether this element provides some extra content that is not part of the visible layout structure. This can be embedded scripts, anchors etc.
        Specified by:
        isExtraContentElement in interface OutputProcessorMetaData
        style -
        attributes -