Class SimpleStyleSheet

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        public static final StyleSheet EMPTY_STYLE
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      • SimpleStyleSheet

        public SimpleStyleSheet​(StyleSheet parent)
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      • getStyleProperty

        public Object getStyleProperty​(StyleKey key,
                                       Object defaultValue)
        Returns the value of a style. If the style is not found in this style-sheet, the code looks in the parent style-sheets. If the style is not found in any of the parent style-sheets, then the default value (possibly null) is returned.
        key - the style key.
        defaultValue - the default value (null permitted).
        the value.
      • toArray

        public Object[] toArray()
      • getChangeTracker

        public long getChangeTracker()
      • getId

        public InstanceID getId()
        Description copied from class: AbstractStyleSheet
        Returns the ID of the stylesheet. The ID does identify an element stylesheet an all all cloned instances of that stylesheet.
        Specified by:
        getId in interface StyleSheet
        getId in class AbstractStyleSheet
        the ID of this stylesheet.