Interface DataFactoryMetaData

    • Method Detail

      • getIcon

        Image getIcon​(Locale locale,
                      int iconKind)
        Returns the icon for the datasource to be used in the UI.
        locale - the locale.
        iconKind - one of java.beans.BeanInfo#ICON_COLOR_16x16, java.beans.BeanInfo#ICON_COLOR_32x32, java.beans.BeanInfo#ICON_MONO_16x16, or java.beans.BeanInfo#ICON_MONO_32x32
        the image or null, if there is no icon.
        See Also:
        for the general semantics
      • getReferencedFields

        String[] getReferencedFields​(DataFactory element,
                                     String queryName,
                                     DataRow parameter)
        Returns the used parameter in the query. The data factory must be open.
        element - the element.
        queryName - the query name.
        the list of parameters or null, if there is no information on referenced fields.
      • getReferencedResources

        ResourceReference[] getReferencedResources​(DataFactory element,
                                                   org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.resourceloader.ResourceManager resourceManager,
                                                   String queryName,
                                                   DataRow parameter)
      • isEditable

        boolean isEditable()
      • isEditorAvailable

        boolean isEditorAvailable()
      • isFreeFormQuery

        boolean isFreeFormQuery()
      • isFormattingMetaDataSource

        boolean isFormattingMetaDataSource()
      • getDisplayConnectionName

        String getDisplayConnectionName​(DataFactory dataFactory)