Class AbstractExportDialog

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractExportDialog

        protected AbstractExportDialog()
        Creates a non-modal dialog without a title and without a specified Frame owner. A shared, hidden frame will be set as the owner of the dialog.
      • AbstractExportDialog

        protected AbstractExportDialog​(Frame owner)
        Creates a non-modal dialog without a title with the specified Frame as its owner. If owner is null, a shared, hidden frame will be set as the owner of the dialog.
        owner - the Frame from which the dialog is displayed
      • AbstractExportDialog

        protected AbstractExportDialog​(Dialog owner)
        Creates a non-modal dialog without a title with the specified Dialog as its owner.
        owner - the non-null Dialog from which the dialog is displayed
    • Method Detail

      • createContentPane

        protected JPanel createContentPane​(JComponent realContent)
      • createButtonPanel

        protected JPanel createButtonPanel()
      • getStatusBar

        public abstract JStatusBar getStatusBar()
      • getCancelAction

        protected Action getCancelAction()
      • setCancelAction

        protected void setCancelAction​(Action cancelAction)
      • getConfirmAction

        protected Action getConfirmAction()
      • setConfirmAction

        protected void setConfirmAction​(Action confirmAction)
      • performValidate

        protected abstract boolean performValidate()
      • getGuiContext

        protected GuiContext getGuiContext()
      • performQueryForExport

        public boolean performQueryForExport​(MasterReport reportJob,
                                             SwingGuiContext guiContext)
        Opens the dialog to query all necessary input from the user. This will not start the processing, as this is done elsewhere.
        Specified by:
        performQueryForExport in interface ExportDialog
        reportJob - the report that should be processed.
        true, if the processing should continue, false otherwise.
      • getConfigurationPrefix

        protected abstract String getConfigurationPrefix()
      • grabDialogContents

        protected abstract org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.base.config.Configuration grabDialogContents​(boolean full)
        Returns a new (and not connected to the default config from the job) configuration containing all properties from the dialog.
        full -
      • setDialogContents

        protected abstract void setDialogContents​(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.base.config.Configuration properties)
      • getConfigurationSuffix

        protected abstract String getConfigurationSuffix()
      • getResources

        protected ResourceBundle getResources()
        Retrieves the resources for this dialog. If the resources are not initialized, they get loaded on the first call to this method.
        this frames ResourceBundle.
      • isInputStorageEnabled

        protected boolean isInputStorageEnabled​(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.base.config.Configuration config)
      • isFullInputStorageEnabled

        protected boolean isFullInputStorageEnabled​(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.base.config.Configuration config)
      • isConfirmed

        public boolean isConfirmed()
        Returns true if the user confirmed the selection, and false otherwise. The file should only be saved if the result is true.
        A boolean.
      • setConfirmed

        protected void setConfirmed​(boolean confirmed)
        Defines whether this dialog has been finished using the 'OK' or the 'Cancel' option.
        confirmed - set to true, if OK was pressed, false otherwise
      • performConfirm

        protected boolean performConfirm()
      • clear

        public abstract void clear()
      • getResourceBaseName

        protected abstract String getResourceBaseName()
      • resolvePath

        protected File resolvePath​(String baseDirectory)
        Resolves file names for the exports. An occurrence of "~/" at the beginning of the name will be replaced with the users home directory.
        baseDirectory - the base directory as specified in the configuration.
        the file object pointing to that directory.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the base directory is null.
      • getParametersPanel

        protected JPanel getParametersPanel()