Interface ReportController

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    DefaultReportController, ParameterReportController

    public interface ReportController
    A report controller. This provides some means of configuring the preview components.

    The controller should use the propertyChange events provided by the PreviewProxyBase and the ReportPane to update its state.

    To force a new repagination, use the refresh method of the PreviewProxyBase.

    Thomas Morgner
    • Method Detail

      • getControlPanel

        JComponent getControlPanel()
        Returns the graphical representation of the controller. This component will be added between the menu bar and the toolbar.

        Changes to this property are not detected automatically, you have to call "refreshController" whenever you want to display a completly new control panel.

        the controller component.
      • getMenus

        JMenu[] getMenus()
        Returns the menus that should be inserted into the menubar.

        Changes to this property are not detected automatically, you have to call "refreshControler" whenever the contents of the menu array changed.

        the menus as array, never null.
      • isInnerComponent

        boolean isInnerComponent()
        Defines, whether the controller component is placed between the preview pane and the toolbar.
        true, if this is a inner component.
      • getControllerLocation

        String getControllerLocation()
        Returns the location for the report controller, one of BorderLayout.NORTH, BorderLayout.SOUTH, BorderLayout.EAST or BorderLayout.WEST.
        the location;
      • initialize

        void initialize​(PreviewPane pane)
        Called to initialize the report controller and to connect it to the preview pane.
        pane -
      • deinitialize

        void deinitialize​(PreviewPane pane)
        Called when the report controller gets removed.
        pane -