Class SystemPropertiesPanel

    • Constructor Detail

      • SystemPropertiesPanel

        public SystemPropertiesPanel()
        Constructs a new panel.
    • Method Detail

      • createSystemPropertiesTable

        public static JTable createSystemPropertiesTable()
        Creates and returns a JTable containing all the system properties. This method returns a table that is configured so that the user can sort the properties by clicking on the table header.
        a system properties table.
      • copySystemPropertiesToClipboard

        public void copySystemPropertiesToClipboard()
        Copies the selected cells in the table to the clipboard, in tab-delimited format.
      • getCopyPopupMenu

        protected final JPopupMenu getCopyPopupMenu()
        Returns the copy popup menu.
        Returns the copyPopupMenu.
      • getTable

        protected final JTable getTable()
        Returns the table containing the system properties.
        Returns the table.