Class PageBackgroundDrawable

    • Constructor Detail

      • PageBackgroundDrawable

        public PageBackgroundDrawable()
    • Method Detail

      • setBackend

        public void setBackend​(PageDrawable backend)
      • isBorderPainted

        public boolean isBorderPainted()
      • setBorderPainted

        public void setBorderPainted​(boolean borderPainted)
      • getZoom

        public double getZoom()
      • setZoom

        public void setZoom​(double zoom)
      • getDefaultWidth

        public int getDefaultWidth()
      • setDefaultWidth

        public void setDefaultWidth​(int defaultWidth)
      • getDefaultHeight

        public int getDefaultHeight()
      • setDefaultHeight

        public void setDefaultHeight​(int defaultHeight)
      • getPreferredSize

        public Dimension getPreferredSize()
      • isPreserveAspectRatio

        public boolean isPreserveAspectRatio()
      • getShadowSize

        public float getShadowSize()
      • setShadowSize

        public void setShadowSize​(float shadowSize)
      • draw

        public void draw​(Graphics2D graphics,
                         Rectangle2D area)
        Draws the object.
        graphics - the graphics device.
        area - the area inside which the object should be drawn.