Class DefaultTableMetaData

    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultTableMetaData

        public DefaultTableMetaData​(int colCount)
    • Method Detail

      • addRow

        public void addRow()
      • addColumn

        public void addColumn()
      • getCellDataAttribute

        public DataAttributes getCellDataAttribute​(int row,
                                                   int column)
        Returns the meta-attribute as Java-Object. The object type that is expected by the report engine is defined in the TableMetaData property set. It is the responsibility of the implementor to map the native meta-data model into a model suitable for reporting.

        Meta-data models that only describe meta-data for columns can ignore the row-parameter.

        Specified by:
        getCellDataAttribute in interface TableMetaData
        row - the row of the cell for which the meta-data is queried.
        column - the index of the column for which the meta-data is queried.
        the meta-data object.
      • getTableAttribute

        public DataAttributes getTableAttribute()
        Returns table-wide attributes. This usually contain hints about the data-source used to query the data as well as hints on the sort-order of the data.
        Specified by:
        getTableAttribute in interface TableMetaData
      • setColumnAttribute

        public void setColumnAttribute​(int column,
                                       String metaAttributeDomain,
                                       String metaAttributeId,
                                       Object value)
      • setTableAttribute

        public void setTableAttribute​(String namespace,
                                      String name,
                                      Object value)