Class TableRectangle

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    public class TableRectangle
    extends Object
    The TableRectangle contains GridCoordinates for the tables. The rectangle contains x- and y-cuts, so as long as the cell is not empty (width==0, height==0), x1 and x2 will not have the same value.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TableRectangle

        public TableRectangle()
      • TableRectangle

        public TableRectangle​(int x1,
                              int x2,
                              int y1,
                              int y2)
    • Method Detail

      • getX1

        public int getX1()
      • getX2

        public int getX2()
      • getY1

        public int getY1()
      • getY2

        public int getY2()
      • setRect

        public void setRect​(int x1,
                            int y1,
                            int x2,
                            int y2)
      • isOrigin

        public boolean isOrigin​(int x,
                                int y)
      • getRowSpan

        public int getRowSpan()
      • getColumnSpan

        public int getColumnSpan()