Class ExcelFontFactory

  • public class ExcelFontFactory
    extends Object
    This class keeps track of all fonts that we have used so far in our Excel file.

    Excel fonts should never be created directly, as excel does not like the idea of having too many font definitions.

    Heiko Evermann
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExcelFontFactory

        public ExcelFontFactory​( workbook,
                                ExcelColorProducer colorProducer)
        Constructor for ExcelFontFactory.
        workbook - the workbook.
    • Method Detail

      • getExcelFont

        public getExcelFont​(HSSFFontWrapper wrapper)
        Creates a HSSFFont. The created font is cached and reused later, if a similiar font is requested.
        wrapper - the font information that should be used to produce the excel font
        the created or a cached HSSFFont instance