Class ExcelPageDefinition

  • public final class ExcelPageDefinition
    extends Object
    A read only page format mapping definiton to map a page format to an predefined excel constant.
    Thomas Morgner
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExcelPageDefinition

        public ExcelPageDefinition​(short pageFormatCode,
                                   int width,
                                   int height)
        Defines a new excel page format mapping.
        pageFormatCode - the excel internal page format code.
        width - the width of the page.
        height - the height of the page.
      • ExcelPageDefinition

        public ExcelPageDefinition​(short pageFormatCode,
                                   PageSize pageSize)
    • Method Detail

      • getPageFormatCode

        public short getPageFormatCode()
        Return the excel page format code that describes that page size.
        the page format code as defined in the Excel File format.
      • getWidth

        public int getWidth()
        Returns the defined page width for that page definition.
        the page width;
      • getHeight

        public int getHeight()
        Returns the defined page height for that page definition.
        the page height;