Interface BundleDataFactoryWriterHandler

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      • writeDataFactory

        String writeDataFactory​(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.docbundle.WriteableDocumentBundle bundle,
                                DataFactory dataFactory,
                                BundleWriterState state)
                         throws IOException,
        Writes a data-source into a own file. The name of file inside the bundle is returned as string. The file name returned is always absolute and can be made relative by using the IOUtils of LibBase. If the writer-handler did not generate a file on its own, it should return null.
        bundle - the bundle where to write to.
        dataFactory - the data factory that should be written.
        state - the writer state to hold the current processing information.
        the name of the newly generated file or null if no file was created.
        IOException - if any error occured
        BundleWriterException - if a bundle-management error occured.