Class GeneralPathObjectDescription

    • Constructor Detail

      • GeneralPathObjectDescription

        public GeneralPathObjectDescription()
        DefaultConstructor. Initializes this object description to produce GeneralPath objects.
      • GeneralPathObjectDescription

        public GeneralPathObjectDescription​(Class c)
        Creates a new GeneralPathObjectDescription. The given class must be an instance of an shape, the generated objects will be general path objects.
        c - the registered base class, an instance of shape.
    • Method Detail

      • createObject

        public Object createObject()
        Creates an object based on this description.
        The object.
      • setParameterFromObject

        public void setParameterFromObject​(Object o)
                                    throws ObjectFactoryException
        Sets the parameters of this description object to match the supplied object.
        o - the object (should be an instance of FontDefinition).
        ObjectFactoryException - if the object is not an instance of Float.