Class SubReportDefinitionWriter

  • public class SubReportDefinitionWriter
    extends AbstractXMLDefinitionWriter
    Creation-Date: Jan 22, 2007, 3:05:02 PM
    Thomas Morgner
    • Constructor Detail

      • SubReportDefinitionWriter

        public SubReportDefinitionWriter​(ReportWriterContext reportWriter,
                                         org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.xmlns.writer.XmlWriter xmlWriter)
    • Method Detail

      • write

        public void write()
                   throws IOException,
        Writes the report definition portion. Every DefinitionWriter handles one or more elements of the JFreeReport object tree, DefinitionWriter traverse the object tree and write the known objects or forward objects to other definition writers.
        Specified by:
        write in class AbstractXMLDefinitionWriter
        IOException - if there is an I/O problem.
        ReportWriterException - if the report serialisation failed.