Interface ParameterDefinitionEntry

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()
        The internal parameter name. This will be the name of the data-row field by which the parameter's value can be accessed.
        the parameter name.
      • getParameterAttribute

        String getParameterAttribute​(String domain,
                                     String name,
                                     ParameterContext parameterContext)
        Returns the parameter label. This is optional, but provides a sensible default for auto-generated parameter pages.
        domain - the parameter domain (namespace)
        name - the name of the parameter attribute
        parameterContext - the context from where to aquire the locale for the label.
        the label.
      • getParameterAttributeNamespaces

        String[] getParameterAttributeNamespaces()
      • getParameterAttributeNames

        String[] getParameterAttributeNames​(String domainName)
      • isMandatory

        boolean isMandatory()
        Provides a hint to the parameter validator, whether this value needs to have a selected value.
        true, if the parameter must have a valid value, false otherwise.
      • getValueType

        Class getValueType()
        Returns the parameter value type. This is used to perform a simple validation on the incoming untrusted data and converts any incoming text value into a sensible default.
        the expected value type.