Class SortedMergeCrosstabSpecification

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, CrosstabSpecification

    public class SortedMergeCrosstabSpecification
    extends Object
    implements CrosstabSpecification
    Computed structural data of a crosstab. It basically contains the full dataset of the column axis, which then allows us to inject artificial rows into the dataset.

    This mode uses the order in which elements occur in the datastream as normalized order of dimension elements, and if there is ambiguity, it sorts elements by their natural order as well.

    We have the assumption, that the data is already pre-sorted in some way and that all rows are given in that order. We assume that all items are comparable and that the items are sorted according to the natural order of the key. This mode is intended to be used for raw-data crosstabs only. It consumes less memory than the ordered merge.

    Thomas Morgner
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