Interface ReportDrawable

    • Method Detail

      • setConfiguration

        void setConfiguration​(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.base.config.Configuration config)
        Provides the current report configuration of the current report process to the drawable. The report configuration can be used to configure the drawing process through the report.
        config - the report configuration.
      • setStyleSheet

        void setStyleSheet​(StyleSheet style)
        Provides the computed stylesheet of the report element that contained this drawable. The stylesheet is immutable.
        style - the stylesheet.
      • setResourceBundleFactory

        void setResourceBundleFactory​(ResourceBundleFactory bundleFactory)
        Defines the resource-bundle factory that can be used to localize the drawing process.
        bundleFactory - the resource-bundle factory.
      • getImageMap

        ImageMap getImageMap​(Rectangle2D bounds)
        Returns an optional image-map for the entry.
        bounds - the bounds for which the image map is computed.
        the computed image-map or null if there is no image-map available.