Interface IPentahoObjectReference<T>

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    public interface IPentahoObjectReference<T>
    extends Comparable<IPentahoObjectReference<T>>
    User: nbaker Date: 1/16/13

    IPentahoObjectReference objects represent a pointer to an available object in the IPentahoObjectFactory and contains all attributes associated with that object (priority, adhoc attributes).

    Implementations of this class should be lazy where possible, deferring retrieval of the Object until the getObject() method is called

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        static final Integer DEFAULT_RANKING
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      • getObject

        T getObject()
      • getObjectClass

        Class<?> getObjectClass()
        Get the declared type of the Object described/supplied by this reference. Implementations should not require the construction of the Object to determine it's type. The actual Object must inherit from the type returned from this method.
        declared type of this reference
      • getRanking

        Integer getRanking()
        Returns the ranking of the reference. This ranking is used when determining which of several references should be returned from a query. It also controls the ordering of reference lists.

        Zero is the default. The higher the number the higher the ranking. Collections of references are ordered highest ranking first.

        Integer ranking