Class AppConfigProperties

  • public class AppConfigProperties
    extends Object
    By default, this class will initialize itself from resource/config/console.xml (relative to the current working directory).
    Steven Barkdull, mlowery
    • Constructor Detail

      • AppConfigProperties

        protected AppConfigProperties()
    • Method Detail

      • isValidConfiguration

        public boolean isValidConfiguration()
      • getPasswordEncoder

        public getPasswordEncoder()
      • getPlatformUsername

        public String getPlatformUsername()
      • getBiServerContextPath

        public String getBiServerContextPath()
      • getBiServerBaseUrl

        public String getBiServerBaseUrl()
      • getBiServerStatusCheckPeriod

        public String getBiServerStatusCheckPeriod()
      • getDefaultRolesString

        public String getDefaultRolesString()
        Returns a comma-separated list of roles to apply to newly created users.
      • getDefaultRoles

        public List<String> getDefaultRoles()
        Convenience wrapper around getDefaultRolesString that parses the default roles string into individual roles.
      • getHomepageUrl

        public String getHomepageUrl()
      • getHomepageTimeout

        public String getHomepageTimeout()
      • getHibernateConfigPath

        public String getHibernateConfigPath()
      • isHibernateManaged

        public boolean isHibernateManaged()
      • getSolutionPath

        public String getSolutionPath()
      • getWarPath

        public String getWarPath()
      • getPasswordServiceClass

        public String getPasswordServiceClass()
      • getJdbcDriverPath

        public String getJdbcDriverPath()
      • getHelpUrl

        public String getHelpUrl()