Class SystemGwtRpc

  • public class SystemGwtRpc
    extends AbstractGwtRpc
    The SystemGwtRpc class is a specialized GWT-RPC which can be used to handle remote calls to services of the Pentaho Platform itself, e.g. /ws/gwt/serviceName.

    System GWT remote services must be registered in the Spring container file pentahoServices.spring.xml as a bean whose identifier has the structure: ws-gwt-<serviceName>. For example:

     <bean id="ws-gwt-<serviceName>" />

    This service would be exposed in the URL /ws/gwt/<serviceName>.

    If the service name itself is composed of multiple sections, separated by -, these will be reflected in the service's URL. For example, if <serviceName> would be products-manager, then the remote service would be exposed in the URL /ws/gwt/products/manager.

    System remote services load GWT serialization policies from the directory of the root class loader of the Pentaho web application.

    For example, if the GWT module making the remote call lives at /mantle, then the serialization policy file name, given its strong name, would be: /mantle/<strongName>.gwt.rpc.