Class MantleController

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.pentaho.ui.xul.impl.XulEventHandler, org.pentaho.ui.xul.XulEventSource

    public class MantleController
    extends org.pentaho.ui.xul.impl.AbstractXulEventHandler
    • Constructor Detail

      • MantleController

        public MantleController​(MantleModel model)
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public void init()
        Called when the Xul Dom is ready, grab all Xul references here.
      • processSettings

        public void processSettings​(<JsSetting> settings)
      • buildFavoritesAndRecent

        public void buildFavoritesAndRecent​(boolean force)
        force - Force the reload of user settings from server rather than use cache.
      • setupNativeHooks

        public void setupNativeHooks​(MantleController controller)
      • enableUsersRolesTreeItem

        public void enableUsersRolesTreeItem​(boolean enabled)
      • selectAdminCatTreeTreeItem

        public void selectAdminCatTreeTreeItem​(String treeLabel)
      • registerSysAdminPanel

        public void registerSysAdminPanel​(JsSysAdminPanel sysAdminPanel)
      • activateWaitingSecurityPanel

        public void activateWaitingSecurityPanel​(boolean activate)
      • isToolbarButtonEnabled

        public boolean isToolbarButtonEnabled​(String id)
      • setToolbarButtonEnabled

        public void setToolbarButtonEnabled​(String id,
                                            boolean enabled)
      • doesToolbarButtonExist

        public boolean doesToolbarButtonExist​(String id)
      • setEditContentSelected

        public void setEditContentSelected​(boolean selected)
      • openClicked

        public void openClicked()
      • newClicked

        public void newClicked()
      • saveClicked

        public void saveClicked()
      • saveAsClicked

        public void saveAsClicked()
      • openChangePasswordDialog

        public void openChangePasswordDialog()
      • showNavigatorClicked

        public void showNavigatorClicked()
      • setSaveEnabled

        public void setSaveEnabled​(boolean flag)
      • setSaveAsEnabled

        public void setSaveAsEnabled​(boolean flag)
      • getName

        public String getName()
        Specified by:
        getName in interface org.pentaho.ui.xul.impl.XulEventHandler
        getName in class org.pentaho.ui.xul.impl.AbstractXulEventHandler
      • executeCallback

        public void executeCallback​(String jsScript)
      • executeMantleFunc

        public void executeMantleFunc​(String funct)
      • loadAdminContent

        public void loadAdminContent​(String panelId,
                                     String url)
      • loadSettingsPanel

        public void loadSettingsPanel()
      • loadUserRolesAdminPanel

        public void loadUserRolesAdminPanel()
      • loadEmailAdminPanel

        public void loadEmailAdminPanel()
      • executeMantleCommand

        public void executeMantleCommand​(String cmd)
      • setContentEditEnabled

        public void setContentEditEnabled​(boolean enable)
      • setContentEditSelected

        public void setContentEditSelected​(boolean selected)
      • editContentClicked

        public void editContentClicked()
      • printClicked

        public void printClicked()
      • setModel

        public void setModel​(MantleModel model)
      • isMenuItemEnabled

        public boolean isMenuItemEnabled​(String id)
      • setMenuItemEnabled

        public void setMenuItemEnabled​(String id,
                                       boolean enabled)
      • setMenuBarEnabled

        public void setMenuBarEnabled​(String id,
                                      boolean enabled)
      • setToolBarButtonEnabled

        public void setToolBarButtonEnabled​(String id,
                                            boolean enabled)
      • doesMenuItemExist

        public boolean doesMenuItemExist​(String id)
      • isSaveEnabled

        public boolean isSaveEnabled()
      • isSaveAsEnabled

        public boolean isSaveAsEnabled()
      • propertiesClicked

        public void propertiesClicked()
      • shareContentClicked

        public void shareContentClicked()
      • scheduleContentClicked

        public void scheduleContentClicked()
      • useDescriptionsForTooltipsClicked

        public void useDescriptionsForTooltipsClicked()
      • showHiddenFilesClicked

        public void showHiddenFilesClicked()
      • refreshContent

        public void refreshContent()
      • documentationClicked

        public void documentationClicked()
      • kettleStatusPageClicked

        public void kettleStatusPageClicked()
      • loadOverlay

        public void loadOverlay​(String id)
      • removeOverlay

        public void removeOverlay​(String id)