Class MantleXul

    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static MantleXul getInstance()
      • isEditable

        public boolean isEditable()
      • setEditable

        public void setEditable​(boolean editable)
      • xulLoaded

        public void xulLoaded​(org.pentaho.ui.xul.gwt.GwtXulRunner runner)
        Callback method for the MantleXulLoader. This is called when the Xul file has been processed.
        Specified by:
        xulLoaded in interface org.pentaho.ui.xul.gwt.util.IXulLoaderCallback
        runner - GwtXulRunner instance ready for event handlers and initializing.
      • customizeAdminStyle

        public void customizeAdminStyle()
      • configureAdminCatTree

        public void configureAdminCatTree()
      • enableUsersRolesTreeItem

        public void enableUsersRolesTreeItem​(boolean enabled)
      • selectAdminCatTreeTreeItem

        public void selectAdminCatTreeTreeItem​(String treeLabel)
      • getAdminContentDeck

        public getAdminContentDeck()
      • getToolbar

        public getToolbar()
      • getMenubar

        public getMenubar()
      • getAdminPerspective

        public getAdminPerspective()
      • overlayLoaded

        public void overlayLoaded()
        Specified by:
        overlayLoaded in interface org.pentaho.ui.xul.gwt.util.IXulLoaderCallback
      • addOverlays

        public void addOverlays​(ArrayList<org.pentaho.ui.xul.XulOverlay> overlays)
      • applyOverlays

        public void applyOverlays​(Set<String> overlayIds)
      • applyOverlay

        public void applyOverlay​(String id)
      • removeOverlays

        public void removeOverlays​(Set<String> overlayIds)
      • removeOverlay

        public void removeOverlay​(String id)
      • overlayRemoved

        public void overlayRemoved()
        Specified by:
        overlayRemoved in interface org.pentaho.ui.xul.gwt.util.IXulLoaderCallback
      • getOverlays

        public ArrayList<org.pentaho.ui.xul.XulOverlay> getOverlays()