Uses of Class

Packages that use StepLogTable
org.pentaho.di.core.logging This package contains the Log4j Kettle appenders and Kettle layout as well as the Kettle Log Message. 
org.pentaho.di.trans This package contains the classes needed to define and execute transformations. 

Uses of StepLogTable in org.pentaho.di.core.logging

Methods in org.pentaho.di.core.logging that return StepLogTable
static StepLogTable StepLogTable.getDefault(VariableSpace space, HasDatabasesInterface databasesInterface)

Uses of StepLogTable in org.pentaho.di.trans

Methods in org.pentaho.di.trans that return StepLogTable
 StepLogTable TransMeta.getStepLogTable()
          Gets the step log table for the transformation.

Methods in org.pentaho.di.trans with parameters of type StepLogTable
 void TransMeta.setStepLogTable(StepLogTable stepLogTable)
          Sets the step log table for the transformation.