Class JobEntryEmpty

  extended by org.pentaho.di.job.entry.JobEntryBase
      extended by org.pentaho.di.job.entries.empty.JobEntryEmpty
All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, CheckResultSourceInterface, LoggingObjectInterface, VariableSpace, JobEntryInterface, ResourceHolderInterface

public class JobEntryEmpty
extends JobEntryBase
implements JobEntryInterface

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void check(List<CheckResultInterface> remarks, JobMeta jobMeta)
          Support for overrides not having to put in a check method.
 Result execute(Result prev_result, int nr)
          Execute the job entry.
 void loadXML(Node entrynode, List<DatabaseMeta> databases, List<SlaveServer> slaveServers, Repository rep)
          This method is called by PDI whenever a job entry needs to read its settings from XML.
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Constructor Detail


public JobEntryEmpty()
Method Detail


public Result execute(Result prev_result,
                      int nr)
               throws KettleException
Description copied from interface: JobEntryInterface
Execute the job entry. The previous result and number of rows are provided to the method for the purpose of chaining job entries, transformations, etc.

Specified by:
execute in interface JobEntryInterface
prev_result - the previous result
nr - the number of rows
the Result object from execution of this job entry
KettleException - if any Kettle exceptions occur


public void loadXML(Node entrynode,
                    List<DatabaseMeta> databases,
                    List<SlaveServer> slaveServers,
                    Repository rep)
             throws KettleXMLException
Description copied from interface: JobEntryInterface
This method is called by PDI whenever a job entry needs to read its settings from XML. The XML node containing the job entry�s settings is passed in as an argument. Again, the helper class org.pentaho.di.core.xml.XMLHandler is typically used to conveniently read the settings from the XML node.

Specified by:
loadXML in interface JobEntryInterface
entrynode - the top-level XML node
databases - the list of databases
slaveServers - the list of slave servers
rep - the repository object
KettleXMLException - if any errors occur during the loading of the XML


public void check(List<CheckResultInterface> remarks,
                  JobMeta jobMeta)
Description copied from class: JobEntryBase
Support for overrides not having to put in a check method. For JobEntryBase, this method performs no operations.

Specified by:
check in interface JobEntryInterface
check in class JobEntryBase
remarks - CheckResults from checking the job entry
jobMeta - JobMeta information letting threading back to the JobMeta possible