Interface ResourceNamingInterface

All Known Implementing Classes:
SequenceResourceNaming, SimpleResourceNaming, UUIDResourceNaming

public interface ResourceNamingInterface

Nested Class Summary
static class ResourceNamingInterface.FileNamingType
Method Summary
 Map<String,String> getDirectoryMap()
 String nameResource(org.apache.commons.vfs.FileObject fileObject, VariableSpace space, boolean pathOnly)
          Create a (file) name based on the passed FileObject
 String nameResource(String prefix, String originalFilePath, String extension, ResourceNamingInterface.FileNamingType namingType)
          Create a (file) name for a resource based on a prefix and an extension.

Method Detail


String nameResource(String prefix,
                    String originalFilePath,
                    String extension,
                    ResourceNamingInterface.FileNamingType namingType)
Create a (file) name for a resource based on a prefix and an extension.

prefix - The prefix, usually the name of the object that is being exported
originalFilePath - The original path to the file. This will be used in the naming of the resource to ensure that the same GUID will be returned for the same file.
extension - The extension of the filename to be created. For now this also gives a clue as to what kind of data is being exported and named..
namingType - the file naming type to use, in case of DATA_FILE for example, the return value might not be the complete file, but rather
The filename, typically including a GUID, but always the same when given the same prefix and extension as input.


String nameResource(org.apache.commons.vfs.FileObject fileObject,
                    VariableSpace space,
                    boolean pathOnly)
                    throws org.apache.commons.vfs.FileSystemException
Create a (file) name based on the passed FileObject

FileObject - fileObject The file in which the name ....
VariableSpace - variable(space) of the transformation or job.
pathOnly - Set to true to just return the path, false to return file name and path
String The file name with the path set as a variable. If pathOnly is set to true then the file name will be left out.


Map<String,String> getDirectoryMap()
the map of folders mapped to created parameters during the resource naming.