Package org.pentaho.di.trans.steps.webservices.wsdl

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ComplexType A ComplexType contians a map of the elementName -> elementXmlType of all the elements in a named complex type.
ControlWsdlLocator Implementation of WSDLLocator for Beehive controls.
DomUtils Some DOM utility methods.
Wsdl Wsdl abstraction.
WsdlComplexTypes Represents a map of all named complex types in the WSDL.
WsdlOperation WSDL operation abstraction.
WsdlOpFault Wsdl operation fault abstraction.
WsdlOpFaultList WsdlOpFaultList represents the list of parameters for a WSDL operaton.
WsdlOpParameter WSDL operation parameter abstraction.
WsdlOpParameterList WsdlOpParameterList represents the list of parameters for an operation.
WsdlOpReturnType Represents the return value for a WSDL operation.
WsdlTypes WsdlTypes provides utilities for getting information about the <types> section of the WSDL.

Enum Summary
WsdlOperation.SOAPBindingStyle SOAP Binding style enumeration.
WsdlOperation.SOAPBindingUse SOAP Binding use enumeration.
WsdlOperation.SOAPParameterStyle Parameter style enumeration.