Class RestDialog

  extended by Dialog
      extended by org.pentaho.di.ui.trans.step.BaseStepDialog
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RestDialog
extends BaseStepDialog
implements StepDialogInterface

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
RestDialog(Shell parent, Object in, TransMeta transMeta, String sname)
Method Summary
 void getData()
          Copy information from the meta-data input to the dialog fields.
 String open()
          Opens a step dialog window.
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Constructor Detail


public RestDialog(Shell parent,
                  Object in,
                  TransMeta transMeta,
                  String sname)
Method Detail


public String open()
Description copied from interface: StepDialogInterface
Opens a step dialog window.

Specified by:
open in interface StepDialogInterface
the (potentially new) name of the step


public void getData()
Copy information from the meta-data input to the dialog fields.