Class ExtensionPointMap

  • public class ExtensionPointMap
    extends Object
    This class maintains a map of ExtensionPointInterface object to its name.
    • Method Detail

      • addExtensionPoint

        public void addExtensionPoint​(PluginInterface extensionPointPlugin)
        Add the extension point plugin to the map
        extensionPointPlugin -
      • removeExtensionPoint

        public void removeExtensionPoint​(PluginInterface extensionPointPlugin)
        Remove the extension point plugin from the map
        extensionPointPlugin -
      • reInitialize

        public void reInitialize()
        Reinitialize the extension point plugins map
      • callExtensionPoint

        public void callExtensionPoint​(LogChannelInterface log,
                                       String id,
                                       Object object)
                                throws KettleException
        Call the extension point(s) corresponding to the given id This iteration was isolated here to protect against ConcurrentModificationException using PluginRegistry's lock
        log - log channel to pass to extension point call
        id - the id of the extension point interface
        object - object to pass to extension point call
      • reset

        public void reset()