Interface NamedClusterOsgi

    • Method Detail

      • setName

        void setName​(String name)
      • getShimIdentifier

        String getShimIdentifier()
      • setShimIdentifier

        void setShimIdentifier​(String shimIdentifier)
      • getStorageScheme

        String getStorageScheme()
      • setStorageScheme

        void setStorageScheme​(String storageScheme)
      • getHdfsHost

        String getHdfsHost()
      • setHdfsHost

        void setHdfsHost​(String hdfsHost)
      • getHdfsPort

        String getHdfsPort()
      • setHdfsPort

        void setHdfsPort​(String hdfsPort)
      • getHdfsUsername

        String getHdfsUsername()
      • setHdfsUsername

        void setHdfsUsername​(String hdfsUsername)
      • getHdfsPassword

        String getHdfsPassword()
      • setHdfsPassword

        void setHdfsPassword​(String hdfsPassword)
      • getJobTrackerHost

        String getJobTrackerHost()
      • setJobTrackerHost

        void setJobTrackerHost​(String jobTrackerHost)
      • getJobTrackerPort

        String getJobTrackerPort()
      • setJobTrackerPort

        void setJobTrackerPort​(String jobTrackerPort)
      • getZooKeeperHost

        String getZooKeeperHost()
      • setZooKeeperHost

        void setZooKeeperHost​(String zooKeeperHost)
      • getZooKeeperPort

        String getZooKeeperPort()
      • setZooKeeperPort

        void setZooKeeperPort​(String zooKeeperPort)
      • getOozieUrl

        String getOozieUrl()
      • setOozieUrl

        void setOozieUrl​(String oozieUrl)
      • getLastModifiedDate

        long getLastModifiedDate()
      • setLastModifiedDate

        void setLastModifiedDate​(long lastModifiedDate)
      • isMapr

        boolean isMapr()
      • setMapr

        void setMapr​(boolean mapr)
      • getGatewayUrl

        String getGatewayUrl()
      • setGatewayUrl

        void setGatewayUrl​(String gatewayUrl)
      • getGatewayUsername

        String getGatewayUsername()
      • setGatewayUsername

        void setGatewayUsername​(String gatewayUsername)
      • getGatewayPassword

        String getGatewayPassword()
      • setGatewayPassword

        void setGatewayPassword​(String gatewayPassword)
      • getKafkaBootstrapServers

        String getKafkaBootstrapServers()
      • setKafkaBootstrapServers

        void setKafkaBootstrapServers​(String kafkaBootstrapServers)
      • nonOsgiFromXmlForEmbed

        NamedClusterOsgi nonOsgiFromXmlForEmbed​(Node node)
        This is the NamedClusterOsgi equivalent of the line commented above. The NamedCluster interface is used in OSGI and should be phased out over time as this interface is adopted instead. We had to create a unique method name here for the time being since the signature is identical.
      • processURLsubstitution

        String processURLsubstitution​(String incomingURL,
                                      org.pentaho.metastore.api.IMetaStore metastore,
                                      VariableSpace variableSpace)
        This method performs the root URL substitution with the URL of the specified NamedCluster
        incomingURL - the URL whose root will be replaced
        metastore - the metastore
        variableSpace - the variable space
        the generated URL or the incoming URL if an error occurs
      • setUseGateway

        void setUseGateway​(boolean selection)
      • isUseGateway

        boolean isUseGateway()
      • decodePassword

        String decodePassword​(String password)
      • encodePassword

        String encodePassword​(String password)
      • getSiteFileInputStream

        default InputStream getSiteFileInputStream​(String siteFileName)