Class JobEntryLogTable

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      • clone

        public Object clone()
        Specified by:
        clone in interface org.pentaho.di.core.logging.LogTableCoreInterface
        clone in class BaseLogTable
      • replaceMeta

        public void replaceMeta​(org.pentaho.di.core.logging.LogTableCoreInterface logTableInterface)
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        replaceMeta in interface org.pentaho.di.core.logging.LogTableCoreInterface
      • loadXML

        public void loadXML​(Node jobnode,
                            List<org.pentaho.di.core.database.DatabaseMeta> databases,
                            List<StepMeta> steps)
        Description copied from interface: LogTableInterface
        Load the information for this logging table from the job XML node
        Specified by:
        loadXML in interface LogTableInterface
        jobnode - the node to load from
        databases - the list of database to reference.
        steps - the steps to reference (or null)
      • getLogRecord

        public org.pentaho.di.core.RowMetaAndData getLogRecord​(org.pentaho.di.core.logging.LogStatus status,
                                                               Object subject,
                                                               Object parent)
        This method calculates all the values that are required
        Specified by:
        getLogRecord in interface org.pentaho.di.core.logging.LogTableCoreInterface
        id - the id to use or -1 if no id is needed
        status - the log status to use
        subject - the object to log
        parent - the parent to which the object belongs
      • getLogTableType

        public String getLogTableType()
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        getLogTableType in interface org.pentaho.di.core.logging.LogTableCoreInterface
      • getConnectionNameVariable

        public String getConnectionNameVariable()
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        getConnectionNameVariable in interface org.pentaho.di.core.logging.LogTableCoreInterface
        Specified by:
        getConnectionNameVariable in class BaseLogTable
      • getSchemaNameVariable

        public String getSchemaNameVariable()
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        getSchemaNameVariable in interface org.pentaho.di.core.logging.LogTableCoreInterface
        Specified by:
        getSchemaNameVariable in class BaseLogTable
      • getTableNameVariable

        public String getTableNameVariable()
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        getTableNameVariable in interface org.pentaho.di.core.logging.LogTableCoreInterface
        Specified by:
        getTableNameVariable in class BaseLogTable
      • getRecommendedIndexes

        public List<org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface> getRecommendedIndexes()
        Specified by:
        getRecommendedIndexes in interface org.pentaho.di.core.logging.LogTableCoreInterface