Class BaseFileOutputMeta

    • Field Detail

      • stepNrInFilename

        protected boolean stepNrInFilename
        Flag: add the stepnr in the filename
      • partNrInFilename

        protected boolean partNrInFilename
        Flag: add the partition number in the filename
      • dateInFilename

        protected boolean dateInFilename
        Flag: add the date in the filename
      • timeInFilename

        protected boolean timeInFilename
        Flag: add the time in the filename
      • extension

        protected String extension
        The file extention in case of a generated filename
      • fileName

        protected String fileName
        The base name of the output file
    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseFileOutputMeta

        public BaseFileOutputMeta()
    • Method Detail

      • getExtension

        public String getExtension()
      • setExtension

        public void setExtension​(String extension)
      • getFileName

        public String getFileName()
      • setFileName

        public void setFileName​(String fileName)
      • getSplitEvery

        public abstract int getSplitEvery()
      • getSplitEvery

        public int getSplitEvery​(org.pentaho.di.core.variables.VariableSpace space)
      • setSplitEvery

        public abstract void setSplitEvery​(int splitEvery)
      • isFileAsCommand

        public boolean isFileAsCommand()
      • setFileAsCommand

        public void setFileAsCommand​(boolean fileAsCommand)
      • isSpecifyingFormat

        public boolean isSpecifyingFormat()
      • setSpecifyingFormat

        public void setSpecifyingFormat​(boolean specifyingFormat)
      • getDateTimeFormat

        public String getDateTimeFormat()
      • setDateTimeFormat

        public void setDateTimeFormat​(String dateTimeFormat)
      • isTimeInFilename

        public boolean isTimeInFilename()
      • isDateInFilename

        public boolean isDateInFilename()
      • isPartNrInFilename

        public boolean isPartNrInFilename()
      • isStepNrInFilename

        public boolean isStepNrInFilename()
      • getFileCompression

        public String getFileCompression()
      • setFileCompression

        public void setFileCompression​(String fileCompression)
      • getFiles

        public String[] getFiles​(org.pentaho.di.core.variables.VariableSpace space)
      • getPartPrefix

        protected String getPartPrefix()
      • buildFilename

        public String buildFilename​(org.pentaho.di.core.variables.VariableSpace space,
                                    String stepnr,
                                    String partnr,
                                    String splitnr,
                                    boolean ziparchive)
      • buildFilename

        public String buildFilename​(org.pentaho.di.core.variables.VariableSpace space,
                                    String stepnr,
                                    String partnr,
                                    String splitnr,
                                    boolean ziparchive,
                                    boolean showSamples)
      • getFilePaths

        public String[] getFilePaths​(boolean showSamples)
        Specified by:
        getFilePaths in class BaseFileMeta
        showSamples - determines whether the paths being returned are dummy samples or the "template" representation. The samples woulc include things like sample step number, partition number etc ( filename_0_1.txt) , while the non-sample path would include a token ( filename_<step>_<partition>.<extension>)
        An array of file paths