Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.function.strings

Class Summary
CapitalizeStringExpression Deprecated. Use a formula instead.
CompareStringExpression Deprecated. This can be done a lot easier using a simple formula.
MapIndirectExpression Returns the value read from a mapped field.
MapStringExpression Maps a string read from a column into an other string.
MessageFormatExpression Formats a message using named parameters.
ResourceBundleLookupExpression Performs a resource-bundle lookup using the value read from the defined field as key in the resource-bundle.
ResourceMesssageFormatExpression Formats a message read from a resource-bundle using named parameters.
SubStringExpression Deprecated. Use a formula
TokenizeStringExpression Deprecated. Use a formula: "prefix & SUBSTITUTE(field, delimeter, replacement) & suffix"
ToLowerCaseStringExpression Deprecated. This can be solved with a formula
ToUpperCaseStringExpression Deprecated. This can be solved with a formula
URLEncodeExpression Deprecated. This can be replaced by a formula.