Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.layout.output

Interface Summary
FlowSelector Creation-Date: 09.04.2007, 11:01:40
GroupOutputHandler Todo: Document Me
IterativeOutputProcessor Creation-Date: 02.05.2007, 15:36:53
LayoutPagebreakHandler A listener that gets informed whenever the layoutsystem generates a pagebreak.
OutputProcessor The output-processor receives the layouted content and is responsible for translating the received content into the specific output format.
OutputProcessorMetaData The output processor metadata contains global configuration settings for a give report processing run.
PageStateList A page state list contains stored page states.
ReportProcessor Creation-Date: 08.04.2007, 14:43:52

Class Summary
AbstractOutputProcessor Creation-Date: 09.04.2007, 10:51:30
AbstractOutputProcessorMetaData Creation-Date: 07.04.2007, 19:21:44
AbstractReportProcessor Creation-Date: 08.04.2007, 14:52:52
CollectSelectedNodesStep Todo: Document Me
CrosstabColumnOutputHandler Todo: Document Me
CrosstabLayoutUtil Todo: Document Me
CrosstabOtherOutputHandler Todo: Document Me
CrosstabOutputHandler Todo: Document Me
CrosstabRowOutputHandler Todo: Document Me
DefaultLayoutPagebreakHandler Creation-Date: 22.04.2007, 13:47:41
DefaultOutputFunction Creation-Date: 08.04.2007, 16:22:18
DefaultPageStateList The ReportState list stores a report states for the beginning of every page.
DefaultProcessingContext Creation-Date: 08.04.2007, 15:46:44
DisplayAllFlowSelector Creation-Date: 04.05.2007, 19:13:07
FastPageStateList Todo: Document me!

Date: 08.04.2010 Time: 15:45:38

GenericOutputProcessorMetaData A generic dummy class that reports the export-descriptor "none/none".
LayouterLevel Creation-Date: Jan 22, 2007, 12:20:04 PM
LayoutExpressionRuntime Creation-Date: Jan 22, 2007, 12:09:32 PM
LogicalPageKey Creation-Date: 10.11.2006, 13:04:36
OutputProcessorFeature Creation-Date: 14.12.2005, 13:47:47
PageState A page state hold a process state along with its current page counter.
PerformanceProgressLogger Todo: Document me!

Date: 27.03.2010 Time: 17:25:27

PhysicalPageKey A physical page-key identifies a generated page.
PreparedCrosstabLayout Todo: Document Me
RelationalGroupOutputHandler Todo: Document Me
RenderUtility Creation-Date: 12.05.2007, 15:58:43
ValidateSafeToStoreStateStep Todo: Document me!

Date: 14.10.2010 Time: 14:58:17

YieldReportListener A report listener that calls Thread.yield() on each generated event.

Exception Summary
ContentProcessingException Creation-Date: 08.05.2007, 20:08:45