Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.modules.gui.commonswing

Interface Summary
ActionFactory Creation-Date: 16.11.2006, 16:18:56
ActionPlugin The Action-Plugin interface defines the common properties for the Control and Export-Plugins.
ExportActionPlugin An export plug-in is a class that can work with the ExportAction class to implement an export function for reports.
ExportDialog Creation-Date: 15.05.2007, 16:42:51
ReportEventSource Creation-Date: 15.08.2007, 16:20:24
SwingGuiContext Extends the common GUI-Context by a way to get access to the calling window.

Class Summary
AbstractActionPlugin The AbstractExportPlugin provides a basic implementation of the ExportPlugin interface.
AbstractExportActionPlugin Creation-Date: 02.12.2006, 14:21:07
ActionPluginMenuComparator Creation-Date: 16.11.2006, 16:50:39
ActionPluginToolbarComparator Creation-Date: 16.11.2006, 16:50:39
CenterLayout A layout manager that displays a single component in the center of its container.
DefaultActionFactory Creation-Date: 16.11.2006, 16:28:03
DefaultGuiContext Todo: Document Me
DrawablePanel A component, that accepts a drawable and which draws that drawable.
EncodingComboBoxModel A model for the 'encoding' combo box.
ExceptionDialog The exception dialog is used to display an exception and the exceptions stacktrace to the user.
FileChooserService Deprecated. Unused; will be removed in 4.0
KeyedComboBoxModel The KeyedComboBox model allows to define an internal key (the data element) for every entry in the model.
LengthLimitingDocument This Document restricts the size of the contained plain text to the given number of characters.
NumericDocument Creation-Date: 29.10.2007, 18:44:24
ReportProgressDialog A progress monitor dialog component that visualizes the report processing progress.
RequestFocusHandler Creation-Date: 30.11.2007, 12:58:54
StatusType Creation-Date: 15.05.2007, 16:47:58
SwingCommonModule Creation-Date: 17.11.2006, 14:40:24
SwingUtil Creation-Date: 20.11.2006, 22:42:21
WindowSizeLimiter A small helper class to limit the maximum size of an element to the elements maximum size.