Class JavascriptValueConverter

  extended by org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.modules.misc.datafactory.JavascriptValueConverter
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class JavascriptValueConverter
extends Object
implements ScriptValueConverter

In case we do not run on a JDK 1.6 from Oracle, the "sun" name-space may not be available. We shield ourselves via dynamic class loading. The javax.scripting API is a nightmare to work with when it comes to converting values in and out of the context of the script. We have to rely on these hacks to make it work - luckily everyone is either using Sun's JDK or OpenJDK these days (I hope).

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Object convert(Object o)
          Attempts to convert a script-engine internal value to a pure java value.
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Constructor Detail


public JavascriptValueConverter()
Method Detail


public Object convert(Object o)
Description copied from interface: ScriptValueConverter
Attempts to convert a script-engine internal value to a pure java value. It is important to return null for all values that cannot be converted by this implementation to let other implementations have its turn.

Specified by:
convert in interface ScriptValueConverter
o - the value to be converted.
the converted value or null if the value is not convertible.