Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.modules.misc.tablemodel

TableModel support classes.


Class Summary
CSVTableModel TableModel used by the CSVTableModelProducer class.
CSVTableModelProducer Creates a TableModel using a file formated in CSV for input.
DefaultTableMetaData Todo: Document Me
GeneratorTableModel Todo: Document me!

Date: 26.03.2010 Time: 11:05:55

PrintableTableModel A tablemodel that allows to override the column names.
ResultSetTableModelFactory Creates a TableModel which is backed up by a ResultSet.
ScrollableResultSetTableModel A tableModel which is backed up by a java.sql.ResultSet.
SubSetTableModel A TableModel that proxies an other tablemodel and cuts rows from the start and/or the end of the other tablemodel.
TableModelInfo A utility class that prints out information about a TableModel.
TableModelModule The module definition for the table model utility classes module.

Exception Summary
DataTableException Creation-Date: 07.09.2007, 12:35:39

Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.modules.misc.tablemodel Description

TableModel support classes.