Class DrawablePrintable

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public class DrawablePrintable
extends Object
implements Printable

Creation-Date: 15.11.2006, 22:14:09

Thomas Morgner

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
DrawablePrintable(PageDrawable drawable)
Method Summary
 int print(Graphics graphics, PageFormat pageFormat, int pageIndex)
          Prints the page at the specified index into the specified Graphics context in the specified format.
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Constructor Detail


public DrawablePrintable(PageDrawable drawable)
Method Detail


public int print(Graphics graphics,
                 PageFormat pageFormat,
                 int pageIndex)
          throws PrinterException
Prints the page at the specified index into the specified Graphics context in the specified format. A PrinterJob calls the Printable interface to request that a page be rendered into the context specified by graphics. The format of the page to be drawn is specified by pageFormat. The zero based index of the requested page is specified by pageIndex. If the requested page does not exist then this method returns NO_SUCH_PAGE; otherwise PAGE_EXISTS is returned. The Graphics class or subclass implements the PrinterGraphics interface to provide additional information. If the Printable object aborts the print job then it throws a PrinterException.

Specified by:
print in interface Printable
graphics - the context into which the page is drawn
pageFormat - the size and orientation of the page being drawn
pageIndex - the zero based index of the page to be drawn
PAGE_EXISTS if the page is rendered successfully or NO_SUCH_PAGE if pageIndex specifies a non-existent page.
PrinterException - thrown when the print job is terminated.