Class SettingsFileWriter

  extended by org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.modules.parser.bundle.writer.SettingsFileWriter
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SettingsFileWriter
extends Object
implements BundleWriterHandler

Writes the settings file. For now, it does not write any runtime information. The runtime information needs to be filled into the writer-state by the writer-handlers. Therefore this file-writer must be the last one that is written into a bundle.

There can be only one settings file per report bundle and the settings have to be located in the root of the bundle.

Thomas Morgner

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 int getProcessingOrder()
          Returns a relatively high processing order indicating this BundleWriterHandler should be one of the last processed
 String writeReport(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.docbundle.WriteableDocumentBundle bundle, BundleWriterState state)
          Writes a certain aspect into a own file.
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Constructor Detail


public SettingsFileWriter()
Method Detail


public int getProcessingOrder()
Returns a relatively high processing order indicating this BundleWriterHandler should be one of the last processed

Specified by:
getProcessingOrder in interface BundleWriterHandler
the relative processing order for this BundleWriterHandler


public String writeReport(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.docbundle.WriteableDocumentBundle bundle,
                          BundleWriterState state)
                   throws IOException,
Description copied from interface: BundleWriterHandler
Writes a certain aspect into a own file. The name of file inside the bundle is returned as string. The file name returned is always absolute and can be made relative by using the IOUtils of LibBase. If the writer-handler did not generate a file on its own, it should return null.

Specified by:
writeReport in interface BundleWriterHandler
bundle - the bundle where to write to.
state - the writer state to hold the current processing information.
the name of the newly generated file or null if no file was created.
IOException - if any error occured
BundleWriterException - if a bundle-management error occured.