Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.parameters

Interface Summary
ListParameter Todo: Document me!
ModifiableReportParameterDefinition Todo: Document Me
ParameterContext The parameter context is provided by the reporting engine to connect the parameter system with the data-sources and user-defined parameters..
ParameterDefinitionEntry Contains the definition of a single parameter, along with means to validate the parameter on the server side and means to attach arbitrary data to the parameter.
ParameterValues Todo: Document me!
ReportParameterDefinition The ReportParameterDefinition provides user-supplied meta-data about the contents of the report-properties.
ReportParameterValidator The report parameter validator is responsible for validating the values provided by the user.

Class Summary
AbstractParameter A simple parameter that represents a single value.
CompoundDataRow Todo: Document me!

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ComputedParameterValues Todo: Document me!
DefaultParameterContext Todo: Document me!
DefaultParameterDefinition Todo: Document Me
DefaultParameterValues Todo: Document me!
FormulaParameterEvaluator Todo: Document me!

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Messages Todo: Document me!

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ParameterAttributeNames Todo: Document Me
ParameterContextWrapper Todo: Document me!

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ParameterUtils Deprecated.  
PlainParameter A simple parameter that represents a single value.
StaticListParameter Todo: Document me!
ValidationMessage Todo: Document me!
ValidationResult A collection containing validation results.

Exception Summary
InvalidParameterDataException This exception is thrown to indicate that the value entered is wrong, not understood or otherwise invalid.
NeedMoreDataException This exception is thrown to indicate that the parameter needs more data to produce a sensible value.