Class BoxDefinition

  • public final class BoxDefinition
    extends Object
    A box definition. The paddings or maximum height/width cannot be percentages or AUTO.
    Thomas Morgner
    • Field Detail


        public static final RenderLength DEFAULT_PREFERRED_WIDTH
    • Constructor Detail

      • BoxDefinition

        public BoxDefinition()
    • Method Detail

      • setSizeSpecifiesBorderBox

        public void setSizeSpecifiesBorderBox​(boolean sizeSpecifiesBorderBox)
      • isSizeSpecifiesBorderBox

        public boolean isSizeSpecifiesBorderBox()
      • isLocked

        public boolean isLocked()
      • setFixedPosition

        public void setFixedPosition​(RenderLength fixedPosition)
      • getBorder

        public Border getBorder()
      • setBorder

        public void setBorder​(Border border)
      • getPaddingTop

        public long getPaddingTop()
      • setPaddingTop

        public void setPaddingTop​(long paddingTop)
      • getPaddingLeft

        public long getPaddingLeft()
      • setPaddingLeft

        public void setPaddingLeft​(long paddingLeft)
      • getPaddingBottom

        public long getPaddingBottom()
      • setPaddingBottom

        public void setPaddingBottom​(long paddingBottom)
      • getPaddingRight

        public long getPaddingRight()
      • setPaddingRight

        public void setPaddingRight​(long paddingRight)
      • getPreferredHeight

        public RenderLength getPreferredHeight()
      • setPreferredHeight

        public void setPreferredHeight​(RenderLength preferredHeight)
      • getPreferredWidth

        public RenderLength getPreferredWidth()
      • setPreferredWidth

        public void setPreferredWidth​(RenderLength preferredWidth)
      • setMinimumHeight

        public void setMinimumHeight​(RenderLength minimumHeight)
      • setMinimumWidth

        public void setMinimumWidth​(RenderLength minimumWidth)
      • setMaximumHeight

        public void setMaximumHeight​(RenderLength maximumHeight)
      • setMaximumWidth

        public void setMaximumWidth​(RenderLength maximumWidth)
      • setMarginTop

        public void setMarginTop​(RenderLength marginTop)
      • setMarginBottom

        public void setMarginBottom​(RenderLength marginBottom)
      • setMarginLeft

        public void setMarginLeft​(RenderLength marginLeft)
      • setMarginRight

        public void setMarginRight​(RenderLength marginRight)
      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
      • split

        public BoxDefinition[] split​(int axis)
        Split the box definition for the given major axis. A horizontal axis will perform vertical splits (resulting in a left and right box definition) and a given vertical axis will split the box into a top and bottom box.
        axis - the axis on which to split the box.
        the two new box definitions, never null.