Interface TableRowModel

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractRowModel, SeparateRowModel

    public interface TableRowModel
    The table row model is responsible for calculating cell heights and for distributing extra space for cells and rows. It also deals with gathering evidence for cell sizes of row-spanned cells.
    Thomas Morgner
    • Method Detail

      • addRow

        void addRow()
      • getRowCount

        int getRowCount()
      • validatePreferredSizes

        void validatePreferredSizes()
      • validateActualSizes

        void validateActualSizes()
      • prune

        void prune​(int rows)
      • clear

        void clear()
      • updateDefinedSize

        void updateDefinedSize​(int rowNumber,
                               int rowSpan,
                               long preferredSize)
      • updateValidatedSize

        void updateValidatedSize​(int rowNumber,
                                 int rowSpan,
                                 long leading,
                                 long height)
      • getValidatedRowSize

        long getValidatedRowSize​(int rowNumber)
      • getPreferredRowSize

        long getPreferredRowSize​(int rowNumber)
      • getMaximumRowSpan

        int getMaximumRowSpan​(int rowNumber)