Class TableRenderBox

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    public class TableRenderBox
    extends BlockRenderBox
    A table render box contains table header, table footer and the table body. The table body itself may also contain table header cells - which get repeated after pagebreaks.

    Tables contain more than just rows, in fact, they are separated into three sections.

    Thomas Morgner
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      • isPredefinedColumnsValidated

        public boolean isPredefinedColumnsValidated()
      • setPredefinedColumnsValidated

        public void setPredefinedColumnsValidated​(boolean predefinedColumnsValidated)
      • isStructureValidated

        public boolean isStructureValidated()
      • setStructureValidated

        public void setStructureValidated​(boolean structureValidated)
      • isDisplayEmptyCells

        public boolean isDisplayEmptyCells()
      • isCollapsingBorderModel

        public boolean isCollapsingBorderModel()
      • isAutoLayout

        public boolean isAutoLayout()
      • clone

        public Object clone()
        Description copied from class: RenderNode
        Clones this node. Be aware that cloning can get you into deep trouble, as the relations this node has may no longer be valid.
        clone in class RenderNode