Class MinorAxisNodeContext

    • Method Detail

      • reuse

        protected void reuse​(boolean horizontal,
                             boolean blockLevelNode,
                             boolean overflowX,
                             boolean blockNode)
      • setArea

        public void setArea​(long x,
                            long left,
                            long right,
                            long width)
        Defines the active area for the element. Note that it is absolutely legal to define elements that have a content-area outside of the visible area (ie: sum of left and right insets is larger than the width).

        In that case, the element has a effective content-area width of zero. It still may generate content if the parent element has been set to 'overflow-x: true'.

        x -
        left -
        right -
        width -
      • getX1

        public long getX1()
      • getParentX1

        public long getParentX1()
      • getX2

        public long getX2()
      • getMaxChildX2

        public long getMaxChildX2()
      • updateX2

        public void updateX2​(long position)
      • updateParentX2

        public void updateParentX2​(long position)
      • getX

        public long getX()
      • getWidth

        public long getWidth()
      • getContentAreaWidth

        public long getContentAreaWidth()
      • isOverflowX

        public boolean isOverflowX()
      • getResolvedPreferredSize

        public long getResolvedPreferredSize()
      • getBlockContextWidth

        public long getBlockContextWidth()
      • getParentX2

        public long getParentX2()