Interface PaginationShiftState

    • Method Detail

      • getShiftForNextChild

        long getShiftForNextChild()
      • updateShiftFromChild

        void updateShiftFromChild​(long absoluteValue)
      • increaseShift

        void increaseShift​(long increment)
      • setShift

        void setShift​(long absoluteValue)
      • isManualBreakSuspended

        boolean isManualBreakSuspended()
      • isManualBreakSuspendedForChilds

        boolean isManualBreakSuspendedForChilds()
        Defines whether any child will have its break suspended. Note that if you want to query whether it is ok to handle breaks defined on the current context, you have to ask "isManualBreakSuspended()"
      • suspendManualBreaks

        void suspendManualBreaks()