Class ProcessUtility

  • public class ProcessUtility
    extends Object
    Creation-Date: 16.07.2007, 13:42:43
    Thomas Morgner
    • Method Detail

      • computeBlockContextWidth

        public static long computeBlockContextWidth​(RenderNode box)
        Returns the computed block-context width. This width is a content-size width - so it excludes paddings and borders. (See CSS3-BOX 4.2;
        box - the box for which the block-context width should be computed.
        the block context width.
      • isContent

        public static boolean isContent​(RenderBox element,
                                        boolean ellipseAsBackground,
                                        boolean shapesAsContent)
      • hasBorderEdge

        public static boolean hasBorderEdge​(StyleSheet style)
      • computeLength

        public static long computeLength​(long min,
                                         long max,
                                         long pref)
      • resolveComputedWidth

        public static long resolveComputedWidth​(RenderBox box)