Class RenderBox

    • Field Detail


        protected static final int FLAG_BOX_TABLE_SECTION_RESERVED2
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        Constant Field Values

        protected static final int FLAG_BOX_TABLE_SECTION_RESERVED3
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        Constant Field Values

        protected static final int FLAG_BOX_TABLE_SECTION_RESERVED4
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        Constant Field Values

        protected static final int FLAG_BOX_TABLE_SECTION_RESERVED5
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        protected static final int FLAG_BOX_INVALID_WIDOW_ORPHAN_NODE
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        protected static final int FLAG_BOX_CONTAINS_PRESERVED_CONTENT
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        Constant Field Values

        protected static final int FLAG_BOX_TABLE_SECTION_RESERVED
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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • setParentWidowContexts

        public void setParentWidowContexts​(int parentWidowContexts)
      • getParentWidowContexts

        public int getParentWidowContexts()
      • isContentRefHolder

        public boolean isContentRefHolder()
      • markAsContentRefHolder

        public void markAsContentRefHolder()
      • getRawValue

        public Object getRawValue()
      • setRawValue

        public void setRawValue​(Object rawValue)
      • getTextEllipseBox

        public RenderBox getTextEllipseBox()
      • setTextEllipseBox

        public void setTextEllipseBox​(RenderBox textEllipseBox)
      • setStateKey

        protected void setStateKey​(ReportStateKey stateKey)
      • getInsetsLeft

        public long getInsetsLeft()
      • getInsetsRight

        public long getInsetsRight()
      • getInsets

        public long getInsets()
      • getFirstChild

        public RenderNode getFirstChild()
      • setFirstChild

        protected void setFirstChild​(RenderNode firstChild)
      • setLastChild

        protected void setLastChild​(RenderNode lastChild)
      • addGeneratedChild

        public void addGeneratedChild​(RenderNode child)
      • addChild

        public void addChild​(RenderNode child)
      • increaseContentReferenceCount

        protected void increaseContentReferenceCount​(int count,
                                                     RenderNode source)
        The content-ref-count counts inline-subreports or delayed-construction areas like crosstab-header.
      • increaseTableReferenceCount

        protected void increaseTableReferenceCount​(int count,
                                                   RenderNode source)
        The content-ref-count counts tables.
      • increaseDescendantCount

        protected void increaseDescendantCount​(int count,
                                               RenderNode source)
        The content-ref-count counts inline-subreports.
      • decreaseContentReferenceCount

        protected void decreaseContentReferenceCount​(int count,
                                                     RenderNode source)
        The content-ref-count counts inline-subreports.
      • decreaseTableReferenceCount

        protected void decreaseTableReferenceCount​(int count,
                                                   RenderNode source)
        The content-ref-count counts table-render-boxes.
      • decreaseDescendantCount

        protected void decreaseDescendantCount​(int count,
                                               RenderNode source)
        The content-ref-count counts table-render-boxes.
      • getContentRefCount

        public int getContentRefCount()
        The content-ref-count counts inline-subreports.
        getContentRefCount in class RenderNode
      • derive

        public RenderNode derive​(boolean deepDerive)
        Derive creates a disconnected node that shares all the properties of the original node. The derived node will no longer have any parent, sibling, child or any other relationships with other nodes.
        derive in class RenderNode
      • deriveFrozen

        public RenderNode deriveFrozen​(boolean deepDerive)
        Derive creates a disconnected node that shares all the properties of the original node. The derived node will no longer have any parent, silbling, child or any other relationships with other nodes.
        deriveFrozen in class RenderNode
      • addChilds

        public void addChilds​(RenderNode[] nodes)
      • addGeneratedChilds

        public void addGeneratedChilds​(RenderNode[] nodes)
      • isAppendable

        public boolean isAppendable()
      • clear

        public void clear()
        Removes all children.
      • close

        public void close()
      • remove

        public void remove​(RenderNode child)
      • setOpen

        protected void setOpen​(boolean open)
      • split

        public RenderBox split​(int axis)
        Performs a simple split. This box will be altered to form the left/top side of the split, and a derived empty box will be returned, which makes up the right/bottom side.

        A split will only happen on inline-boxes during the line-break-step. In the ordinary layouting, splitting is not necesary.

        axis -
      • getContentAreaX1

        public long getContentAreaX1()
      • setContentAreaX1

        public void setContentAreaX1​(long contentAreaX1)
      • getContentAreaX2

        public long getContentAreaX2()
      • setContentAreaX2

        public void setContentAreaX2​(long contentAreaX2)
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • getStaticBoxPropertiesAge

        public long getStaticBoxPropertiesAge()
      • setStaticBoxPropertiesAge

        public void setStaticBoxPropertiesAge​(long staticBoxPropertiesAge)
      • commit

        public void commit()
      • getAppliedContentRefCount

        public int getAppliedContentRefCount()
      • isAppliedOpen

        public boolean isAppliedOpen()
      • isAppliedSeen

        public boolean isAppliedSeen()
      • isMarkedOpen

        public boolean isMarkedOpen()
      • isMarkedSeen

        public boolean isMarkedSeen()
      • markBoxSeen

        public void markBoxSeen()
      • isCommited

        public boolean isCommited()
      • rollback

        public void rollback​(boolean deepDirty)
      • resetCacheState

        public void resetCacheState​(boolean deepDirty)
      • setDeepFinished

        public void setDeepFinished​(boolean deepFinished)
      • getContentAge

        public long getContentAge()
      • setContentAge

        public void setContentAge​(long contentAge)
      • getContentBox

        public Boolean getContentBox()
      • setContentBox

        public void setContentBox​(Boolean contentBox)
      • getTableExportState

        public Object getTableExportState()
      • setTableExportState

        public void setTableExportState​(Object tableExportState)
      • markPinned

        public void markPinned​(long pinPosition)
      • isPinned

        public boolean isPinned()
      • getPinned

        public long getPinned()
      • isEmptyNodesHaveSignificance

        public boolean isEmptyNodesHaveSignificance()
      • isAcceptInlineBoxes

        public boolean isAcceptInlineBoxes()
      • getTableValidationAge

        public long getTableValidationAge()
      • setTableValidationAge

        public void setTableValidationAge​(long tableValidationAge)
      • useMinimumChunkWidth

        public boolean useMinimumChunkWidth()
      • setOverflowAreaHeight

        public void setOverflowAreaHeight​(long overflowAreaHeight)
      • setOverflowAreaWidth

        public void setOverflowAreaWidth​(long overflowAreaWidth)
      • addOverflowArea

        public void addOverflowArea​(long width,
                                    long height)
      • extendHeight

        public long extendHeight​(RenderNode child,
                                 long heightOffset)
        Notifies a box that one of its childs has extended its height. The child's height property already contains the new height. The amount given is the offset from the old height to the new height, and is always a positive number.
        child -
        heightOffset -
      • extendHeightInBlockMode

        protected long extendHeightInBlockMode​(RenderNode child,
                                               long heightOffset)
      • extendHeightInRowMode

        protected long extendHeightInRowMode​(RenderNode child,
                                             long heightOffset)
        Match the y2 of the child with the y2 of the parent. If the box extends over the y2 of the parent, then extend the parent. If the parent has overflow-y, then we must not extend by more than heightOffset.
        child -
        heightOffset -
      • getOrphanConstraintSize

        public long getOrphanConstraintSize()
      • setOrphanConstraintSize

        public void setOrphanConstraintSize​(long orphanConstraintSize)
      • getWidowConstraintSize

        public long getWidowConstraintSize()
      • setWidowConstraintSize

        public void setWidowConstraintSize​(long widowConstraintSize)
      • getWidowConstraintSizeWithKeepTogether

        public long getWidowConstraintSizeWithKeepTogether()
      • setWidowConstraintSizeWithKeepTogether

        public void setWidowConstraintSizeWithKeepTogether​(long widowConstraintSizeWithKeepTogether)
      • isInvalidWidowOrphanNode

        public boolean isInvalidWidowOrphanNode()
      • setInvalidWidowOrphanNode

        public void setInvalidWidowOrphanNode​(boolean invalidWidowOrphanNode)
      • isBlockForPagebreakPurpose

        protected boolean isBlockForPagebreakPurpose()
      • getVerticalInsets

        public long getVerticalInsets()
      • setContainsReservedContent

        public void setContainsReservedContent​(boolean containsReservedContent)
      • isPreventPagination

        public boolean isPreventPagination()
      • setPreventPagination

        public void setPreventPagination​(boolean preventPagination)
      • setProcessKeyCached

        public void setProcessKeyCached​(ReportStateKey processKeyCached)
      • getProcessKeyStepAge

        public long getProcessKeyStepAge()
      • isProcessKeyFinish

        public boolean isProcessKeyFinish()
      • isProcessKeyCacheValid

        public boolean isProcessKeyCacheValid()
      • setOrphanLeafCount

        public void setOrphanLeafCount​(int orphanLeafCount)
      • setWidowLeafCount

        public void setWidowLeafCount​(int widowLeafCount)