Interface AttributeMetaData

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    public interface AttributeMetaData
    extends MetaData
    Describes the known attributes an element can take.
    Thomas Morgner
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      • getNameSpace

        String getNameSpace()
      • getTargetType

        Class getTargetType()
      • getValueRole

        String getValueRole()
        Can be one of "Value", "Resource", "Content", "Field", "Group", "Query", "Message", "Bundle-Key", "Bundle-Name", "Name", "ElementName", "DateFormat", "NumberFormat"
      • isMandatory

        boolean isMandatory()
      • isComputed

        boolean isComputed()
        Indicates if this attribute is computed. This indicates that values of the attribute will be computed at runtime and any value set in the element itself is merely there for caching purposes and can be removed before writing the PRPT file, before serializing and before deriving an element.
      • isTransient

        boolean isTransient()
        Indicates whether this attribute should be omitted when element is serialized to disk or written into a PRPT file. Only mark attributes as transient which contain values that have been handled elsewhere.
      • isBulk

        boolean isBulk()
      • isDesignTimeValue

        boolean isDesignTimeValue()
        Indicates whether this attribute is a design-time value. Such values will not be computed at runtime and any expression given for that attribute will be ignored.
      • getEditor

        PropertyEditor getEditor()
        This method can return null if there is no property editor registered for this type.
      • getReferencedResources

        ResourceReference[] getReferencedResources​(ReportElement element,
                                                   org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.resourceloader.ResourceManager resourceManager,
                                                   Object attributeValue)
      • getExtraCalculationFields

        String[] getExtraCalculationFields()