Interface ReportElement

    • Method Detail

      • setAttributeExpression

        void setAttributeExpression​(String namespace,
                                    String name,
                                    Expression value)
        Assigns a new attribute expression for the given attribute. Attributes are identified by the namespace and name. Each attribute can have only one expression assigned. Setting the expression to null clears the expression and will preserve the attribute's static value.

        Functions cannot be used as attribute-expressions as attribute- and style-expressions do not receive events and are not guaranteed to be executed unless the element is processed.

        namespace - the attribute's namespace.
        name - the attribute's name.
        value - the expression.
      • getAttributeExpression

        Expression getAttributeExpression​(String namespace,
                                          String name)
        Returns the attribute expression for the given attribute identified by its namespace and attribute name.
        namespace - the attribute's namespace.
        name - the attribute's name.
        the assigned expression or null if the attribute has no expression assigned.
      • getAttributeExpressionNamespaces

        String[] getAttributeExpressionNamespaces()
        Returns the namespaces of all attributes that have attribute-expressions assigned.
        the attribute-namespaces as array.
      • getAttributeExpressionNames

        String[] getAttributeExpressionNames​(String namespace)
        Returns the names of all attributes for the given namespace that have attribute-expressions assigned.
        namespace - the namespace for which the attribute-names should be returned, never null.
        the known attribute names as array.
      • setAttribute

        void setAttribute​(String namespace,
                          String name,
                          Object value)
        Defines a attribute's static value. Attributes are identified by the attribute's namespace and the attribute name. Setting a attribute value to null removes the attribute. Attribute values are not checked for type safety.
        namespace - the attribute's namespace.
        name - the attribute name.
        value - the attribute value, or null to remove the attribute.
      • setAttribute

        void setAttribute​(String namespace,
                          String name,
                          Object value,
                          boolean notifyChange)
      • getAttributeTyped

        <TS> TS getAttributeTyped​(String namespace,
                                  String attribute,
                                  Class<TS> filter)
      • getAttributeNamespaces

        String[] getAttributeNamespaces()
      • getAttributeNames

        String[] getAttributeNames​(String name)
      • getParentSection

        Section getParentSection()
      • setStyleExpression

        void setStyleExpression​(StyleKey property,
                                Expression function)
      • getTreeLock

        Object getTreeLock()
      • getElementContext

        <T> T getElementContext​(Class<T> contextType)
      • getChangeTracker

        long getChangeTracker()
      • getFirstAttribute

        Object getFirstAttribute​(String localName)