Class PreviewDrawablePanel

    • Constructor Detail

      • PreviewDrawablePanel

        public PreviewDrawablePanel()
    • Method Detail

      • addReportMouseListener

        public void addReportMouseListener​(ReportMouseListener listener)
      • removeReportMouseListener

        public void removeReportMouseListener​(ReportMouseListener listener)
      • removeReportActionListener

        public void removeReportActionListener​(ReportActionListener listener)
      • fireReportMouseClicked

        protected void fireReportMouseClicked​(MouseEvent event)
      • fireReportMouseMoved

        protected void fireReportMouseMoved​(MouseEvent event)
      • fireReportMouseDragged

        protected void fireReportMouseDragged​(MouseEvent event)
      • fireReportAction

        protected void fireReportAction​(MouseEvent event)
      • fireReportMousePressed

        protected void fireReportMousePressed​(MouseEvent event)
      • fireReportMouseReleased

        protected void fireReportMouseReleased​(MouseEvent event)
      • getToolTipText

        public String getToolTipText​(MouseEvent event)
        Returns the string to be used as the tooltip for event. By default this returns any string set using setToolTipText. If a component provides more extensive API to support differing tooltips at different locations, this method should be overridden.
        getToolTipText in class JComponent