Class SequenceDataFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • SequenceDataFactory

        public SequenceDataFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • addSequence

        public void addSequence​(String query,
                                Sequence sequence)
      • queryData

        public TableModel queryData​(String query,
                                    DataRow parameters)
                             throws ReportDataFactoryException
        Description copied from interface: DataFactory
        Queries a datasource. The string 'query' defines the name of the query. The Parameterset given here may contain more data than actually needed for the query.

        The parameter-dataset may change between two calls, do not assume anything, and do not hold references to the parameter-dataset or the position of the columns in the dataset.

        query - the query string, never null.
        parameters - the parameters for the query, never null.
        the result of the query as table model.
        ReportDataFactoryException - if an error occured while performing the query.
      • close

        public void close()
        Description copied from interface: DataFactory
        Closes the data factory and frees all resources held by this instance.
      • isQueryExecutable

        public boolean isQueryExecutable​(String query,
                                         DataRow parameters)
        Description copied from interface: DataFactory
        Checks whether the query would be executable by this datafactory. This performs a rough check, not a full query.
        query - the query, never null.
        parameters - the parameters, never null.
        true, if the query would be executable, false if the query is not recognized.
      • getQueryNames

        public String[] getQueryNames()
        Description copied from interface: DataFactory
        Returns all known query-names. A data-factory may accept more than the query-names returned here.
        the known query names.